Reply to AZ Furs Community Criticisms

A heated thread was going on in the AZ Furs forums, but the thread was locked as I was typing. You can get the gist from my comments below...



I was just alerted to this forum, and as one of the allegations of what happened at a BBQ actually happened to me, I feel the need to comment.

Yes, those things did happen. Yes, "girly bits" were flashed at myself and one other. Yes, a knee was sat upon. Yes, it made me feel uncomfortable. Granted, the lady in question did apologize later in the day. I fully respected that and accepted the apology. Lord knows how frisky I get at parties at times. >.< All this aside, I've never "flashed" anyone.

Fenrir is right about minors coming to these events. They can and they should. I was under 18 when I started going to furry cons/parties. Realistically, people are gonna flirt with one another at parties. But usually, this is mutual and no body parts are exposed. Just know where to draw the line... and take a hint when someone is not interested in what you are offering, mkay? (When Tabbi is talking about boundaries... sheesh!)


I just finished my last test of my last class at ASU. Sans the official paperwork, I am now a college graduate. :)
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Academic Update

It's been a looooong time since I've discussed my academic situation, so I figured I'd draft a little journal about it. These are the classes I'm taking this semester (which, by the way, just started this week :D):

SOC 334 - Technology and Society
Development of technology in relation to society, work, science, the environment, public health, and cultural values related to social change.

SOC 352 - Social Change
Patterns of social change, resistance to change, and change-producing agencies and processes.

SOC 391 - Research Methods
Methods of social science research, including the fundamental assumptions underlying research, critique, research design, data collection, and data analysis.

SOC 483 - History of Social Thought
Social thought in human culture. Background of modern sociology.

Then next semester, I will only be taking these two classes:

PHI 314 - Philosophy of Science
Structure and justification of scientific theories, explanation, and theory change. Roles of observation and laws, theoretical concepts and entities, reduction, probability, confirmation, space and time, and causation.

SOC 264 - Gender and Society
Analysis of the development, nature, and consequences of gender in contemporary society.

And after that... I'M DONE! Yes, I will be graduating at the end of this coming spring semester. A fifth-year senior graduating with his BS in Sociology. Can't wait. :)
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Writer's Block: 9/11

My mom came into my room to wake me up for school like she always did, except that she was in tears. She switched on the small television in my bedroom, showing that the first tower had already been hit. We watched both towers collapse before driving to school.

What a Day

This morning, on my way to work, I had a sharp abdominal pain. Just thinking it was a stomach ache or something, I stopped, used the restroom, and continued driving. The pain seemed to disappear for about a half hour.

...Then, it came back with a vengeance. I manned it out until I saw one of my coworkers, at which point I rushed to the bathroom and had to throw up. x.x And it still hurt. I couldn't even stand up, so I had my coworker call the paramedics.

Long story short, I spent most of the day at the hospital. Diagnosis: kidney stones. Fun.
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RMFC Day 0

See, I promised I'd update this thing a little more frequently. :P

khortlwolf and I got to Denver this morning for RMFC. The con doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but I wanted to get the hell outta Phoenix. :P

Not too many plans for this con. Gonna host my poker tournament as usual, and do some fursuiting. As in recent years, Sunday evening we will be taking a trip to the historic Lakeside Amusement Park. So excite!

Talk to you guys soon!

PS: For whatever reason, LJ is detecting my location as Montgomery, Illinois. O.o
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A Little Love

Dear LJ,

I recently discovered a new website called FlightMemory. The gist is that you get rto keep track of all the minute details of your air travel (like seat number, flight times, and aircraft registration if you catch it). Nerdy, yes, but with my love of air travel, I jumped all over it.

Anyway, I got through about a year when details started getting fuzzy. Then, I turned to the one place I was sure would make me remember: this journal. I looked and was able to piece together my flight history clear back to January 2006.

So, I wanted to say thank you, LJ. And thank you, old, long-winded Tabbi for being so thorough in your ramblings. I'm very sorry I've neglected you as of late. I will try to post occassionally and keep you company. :)

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Hey LJ, Sup?

It's a little after 11. I just got back from vacation celebrating my birthday. Thanks again, spottacus! Had a lot of fun, as always. ^^


Yeeeaaaah. Like everyone else, I can't seem to muster up enough material to consume more than 140 characters at a time. It's sad. I used to use this journal as an emotional outlet. Now... I rarely even get to check friend updates. x.x

Anyway, I've been doin' some thinkin'. Lately, I seem to have ostracized myself from a great deal of the Phoenix furs. No one seems to wanna do anything (at least with me). I dunno. But twice this month, I've visited different areas of the country where the furs seem to like me more. Be more... able to relate to? Thinking about moving...

Even as I write this, I realize that I'm rambling on about not much. Once again, I'm very tired. Good night.
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